Leave Application for One Year

The General Manager
TCS Infotech
Sector 18, Noida,
Uttar Pradesh
October 20th, 2019

Subject: Leave application for one year


I, Shilpa Shinde, Human Resource Manager in the company, wish to inform you that I have taken admission to The University of Melbourne, Australia for a one-year course.

I would like to avail of my annual leave from November 1st, 2019 to October 30th, 2020. Including my medical leave, I have completed a one-year leave allowance available.

Therefore, I request you to allow for my absence from work. Mr. Rajeev Sharma from Team B will be working in my place. He has accepted my request and is willing to work. I have attached the admission fee slip of my course and the University prospectus. I will be available to reply to the e-mails in my absence. I shall be obliged.

Yours obediently
Shilpa Shinde