Leave Application due to Mother’s Illness

The Principal
Delhi Public School
Shastri Nagar,
16 October 2019

Subject: Leave application due to Mother’s illness


I, Shikha Sharma, am a student of class 8th B in your school. With much grief, I write this application to inform you that my mother is seriously ill. She was suffering from a high fever earlier.

After she was admitted to the hospital, the doctor informed us that she has Malaria. She is supposed to stay in the hospital for five more days. I am the only child and so I have to look after her when my father goes to the office.

I, therefore, request you to allow me leave from October 17th to October 21st. I have requested one of my classmates to provide me with the classwork later. I shall be highly grateful.

Yours sincerely
Sneha Sharma
Class- 8th B
Roll no. 30.