Importance of Science Essay in English

A purely literary education does not make a man really educated in the true sense of the word. Knowledge of science is essential to understand life and its secrets. Under the British rule Indians were educated only to serve as clerks or interpreters between the rulers and the ruled.

It is only since India has attained freedom from the foreign yoke that the importance of science has been realized by our educationists. Now stress is being laid on the scientific and technical education.

The present age is an age of science. Any country that lags behind in the study and application of scientific knowledge cannot hold its own in the fast developing competitive world. America, Russia and some West European countries are far advanced in science and, therefore, are more powerful and are held in high esteem in the world.

Most of the Asian nations are backward and command very little respect. Science helps the advanced countries to solve their social, economic and political problems. In many backward countries, overpopulation is the burning problem of today. Their population is increasing more rapidly than their means of production.

Unless the latest scientific methods of production are adopted, their food production cannot cope with the growth of their population. India is an agriculture country. She has brought about recently a green revolution by conducting scientific implements. chemical manure and first class seeds Formerly she had to depend upon imported food grains worth millions of Rupees.

Literature and art have their own merits. They make a man cultured and enlightened. But mere culture cannot solve our problem of bread and butter, Science is also a part of our culture and fits us for the struggle of existence.

It makes life more interesting, comfortable and easy. It adds to our knowledge and makes us powerful. A nation which has a large number of scientists and engineers is bound to prosper in the world.

The study of science is important in yet another way. It makes us practical and methodical, rational and realistic. Scientific training is essential for a real and full treatment of any subject. Without a scientific approach, no justice today can be done to any branch of learning. It is the scientific method which makes us objective and impartial.

The study of both science and literature is essential. Science appeals to reason, while literature to emotions. They are complementary. Both make life complete and perfect.