Green Revolution Essay in English

By the green revolution, we mean the great progress which Indian agriculture has made in the field of food production. This has been made possible by the introduction of new methods of farming and technology.

For long and till recently the Indian farmer has been using old and traditional methods of raising crops and remained dependent chiefly on nature and weather for good crops.

Recently the Indian agriculture has made use of a large variety of high Yielding seeds and fertilizers to increase the falling fertility of the soil. Machines have also helped a great deal. The introduction of tractors and combined harvesters have helped the farmer in ploughing the land and growing His crops more effectively and quickly.

It has been made possible to cultivate more Land in a shorter time. The introduction of various pesticides and germ killers has Ensured the safety of the crops. The tubewell and canals have eliminated the fear of Failing rainfalls. All these factors have contributed to the increase in the production of food grains.

Other agencies which have helped to develop agriculture in every possible way are the agricultural universities and banks. The Agricultural University at Ludhiana has played a leading role in bringing about this progress.

The new famous varieties of wheat like Kalyan and PV 18 have been developed from Mexican qualities by this university. These varieties have doubled the production per hectare.

In the last few years, it has been made possible to technical know about different kinds of soils, fertilizers etc. Suitable crops and methods of cultivation have been made known to the farmers through such media of communication as radio, exhibitaions and cultural films.

The farmer has been made wide awake about the methods of farming, selecting of crops, seeds and in the use of fertilizers for increasing the productiveness of his land.

The banks, co-operative societies and land mortgage banks have also played a remarkable role in assisting the farmer in several ways. Loans for purchase of machinery and fertilizers have been freely advanced by the agencies at a nominal rate of interest.

The foreign countries, particularly America, Germany and Japan have provided us teams of scientists, who have studies the agricultural condi tions, the land and its problems and have provided valuable advice and assistance in the interest of farmers.

The government would see that all hoarding and profiteering for private profits, is abolished. Double and treble crops in a year have also been tried and have proved successful.

The phenomenal rise in agricultural production has not only led the country towards self-sufficiency in food but has also had a good effect on the country’s economy in general.

The prosperity of the farmer has had good effect on other industries by increasing his purchasing power. The Indian farmer has become wide awake and progressive in outlook and methods of production. This is likely to boost up the food production still further in the coming years.