I’ll be gone in the dark: Book Review

All you bibliophiles out there, get yourself a comfortable corner of the room, a cup of coffee, and get your reading hats on! We’ve got for you, the perfect pick for a weekend binge reading. If you are a crime thriller fan, then I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer is the perfect pick for you!

Released on 28th Feb 2018, the book has received very positive reviews so far from all sides. You can buy it online and avail the available Amazon book offers and get it delivered to your doorstep! Written by Michelle McNamara, a true crime journalist, the book revolves around a Golden state killer, a serial sexual offender, who is known to have terrorised California for more than a decade. The book does complete justice to it genre, as it is written by the best in the business! I’ll be gone in the dark Book Review

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About the Book

The title of the book I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer, is quite self-suggestive of the genre as well as the plot of the book. It is based on the accounts of s California Golden state killer, who for more than 10 years, has been a violent predator, a sexual offender, and a serial murder.

He then disappears, saving himself from the eyes of the police forces as well as the best detectives of the time. Three years later, the author, Michelle McNamara, a true crime journalist, gets determined to find the psychopath and gets in the hunt for him.

The book offers an atmospheric picture of a terror-filled moment in the American history and portrays the chilling account of a criminal mastermind and all the wreckage and destruction that he left behind. The book especially appeals to the female audience, as it is a portrait of a woman’s unflagging pursuit to unmask the truth.

About the Author

The book is written by Michelle McNamara, who was a true crime journalist and was also the founder of an online website True Crime Diary, which covers lesser known and cold cases. She was writing this book when she suddenly passed away in 2015. After her untimely death, her lead researcher and colleague finished the writing the book on her behalf. The introduction is framed by Gillian Flynn and the book has an afterword by her husband, Patton Oswalt.

Price of the book, and where can you buy it from

You can buy the book off Amzon.com. The Hardcover is priced at 16.79 dollars and paperback at 25 dollars only. You can even buy the e-book for your Kindle at 4.29 dollars only.


Some of the best features which make the book a must read and user-friendly are: It is a light read with just 352 pages and is absolutely gripping. It is based on true accounts, which makes gives an insight of the past of the American society, and how different is it from what we see today.

The book is full of illustrations with 16 coloured pages filled with pictures, and 6 maps. And the best part? It is super light and handy, and hence can be carried anywhere, and is amazing to recommend to people!
Since it is a crime thriller, with intense plots like rape and other forms of sexual abuse, abduction, and murder, it must be kept in mind that the book isn’t a good read for kids. One must always keep their horizons wide while reading such books, as they might interfere with the normal discourse of people, making them paranoid and cautious in real life.

Expert Review

The book has received only positive reviews so far. Some of the best reviews received for this book are given here. According to The Independent, the novel is utterly gripping. Megan Abbott, American crime fiction author said that this book just knocked her over. According to New York, the book is Breathtaking, super ambitious, and lastly, exquisitely written. The Entertainment Weekly went on to call it a singular and fascinating read.

The positive reviews of the book make it a must-read. It is perfect for a weekend read or can be easily be travelled around with, to give you company when you are waiting for lines. So, don’t think twice, hurry up, grab your copy today, and avail Amazon book offers if you buy it online from Amazon. Happy reading!