How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife Analysis

Moral Lesson

The central more of the story is the ability to sacrifice things for people you love. Maria was brought up in a life of comforts in the city. However, she loved Leon truly and was committed to adapt to his lifestyle.

She was willing to uproot her entire life and give up her privileges to settle in a village. She was also loving and caring towards his family, becoming a part of the family seamlessly.


The plot of the story is how the city bride of a village boy adjusts to a life of simplicity and toil in the village. The couple gets married in the city and visits the village to start their new life and integrate with the rest of the family.

The father, head of the family, designs a tricky but genuine test for her to witness the reality of the village and in the end, she passes it with flying colours.


The story begins with the couple’s arrival in the village. They are greeted by Leon’s brother Baldo who brings their bullock cart to take them home.

He changes the normal route for a tougher and rougher route so that she may have no doubts about the tough reality and massive change of lifestyle that she has undergone fir their marriage.

The next part describes their journey through the Waig and the fields and how much Maria and Leon are eager to settle in their new roles. She is especially excited to relish the change.

They reach home and are welcomed by their mother and sister. Their father waits in his room to hear from Baldo about the journey and regarding the conduct of the new bride. In the end, the family accepts Maria as its new member and Maria accepts them as her new home.


The story highlights the value of togetherness and family. It speaks about loving and caring for each other. This entails and necessitates the ability and willingness to sacrifice selfish desires or even comforts to make your loved ones happy.

The story praises the ability to adapt to new circumstances and being positive to change and growth. It talks about overcoming hardships and fears and ultimately in finding peace and happiness in each other’s betterment and well being.

Another message of the story is not judging people based on appearances and giving them space to express themselves and accept them for their differences. It also celebrates a conservative and simple lifestyle over luxurious and ostentatious ways.