Essay on Traffic Rules and their Importance in English

Traffic rules are imposed by the government for the safety of people. Traffic rules are very important for road safety.

It is important for everyone to follow traffic rules. The traffic signals help a smooth movement of the vehicle. Breaking the rules is very harmful led to traffic problems.

Traffic signals are divided into three types. First as guidance, second as a warning and third as regulatory.

A traffic light is the most important part of traffic rules. People should be aware of the traffic lights. They are the signals which suggest people when to slow down, stop and drive vehicles. The colour Red means stop, Green means go and yellow means slow down the vehicle.

Furthermore, the vehicles should maintain the speed limit mentioned in the speed limit board. The horn sign on a board with a line drawn above it tells that people should not honk unless it is needed. One should not use mobile phone while driving the vehicle. Drink and drive cause many accidents every year which led to lives lost.

Also, the capital P sign with a line drawn above it tells that people should not park their vehicles near any important place like school. Vehicles should be parked where a capital P signboard is there. They should be parked in the given space. The traffic police will charge an amount of money as fine.

Traffic rules help people to be safe while on the road. They help to drive in a disciplined manner. People should wear a helmet while riding a bike. The seat belts should be used while riding a car. The people and especially the children should be taught to cross the road only using the zebra crossing.

Following traffic rules would always be beneficial for people. It will reduce the rate of accidents occur on the road. Therefore, it is everyone’s duty to strictly follow the rules.

Question on Traffic Rules

What is the importance of traffic rules?

The traffic rules reduce accidents, injury and jams. In India, every year’s thousands of people lost lives in road accidents.

What are the advantages of traffic rules?

It helps to control and regulate traffics. It reduces congestion and jams. It increases pedestrians safety and minimises road accident.

Why should we follow rules?

Rules are made for the safety of people.

What is the role of traffic police?

Maintaining traffic safety and efficiency on the roads. They control, regulate and guide the traffic.

What is the purpose of traffic light?

Traffic light helps control the movement of traffic. They are placed near the intersection of roads.