Essay on Post Office in English

A post office is a place which has the business of delivering letters, selling stamps, money order, parcel etc. They are located in cities, towns and villages. In a big town or a city, many post offices and their branches are there.

The post office is very useful for people. It carries important news and messages to distant places. It also carries different types of parcels to deliver to distant places. The charges in a post office are very low and thus affordable for people.

It helps people to be in touch with their friends and relatives who are living far away. We can send registered letters, parcels and money orders through the post office. Postcards, inland letters and envelopes are also available.

Post offices have their own vehicles to go place to place and deliver the letters and parcels to the respective candidates.

The staff in a post office works day and night to make it possible to send the parcels on time. The most important job is of a postman’s.

We all know about a postman. He wears a khaki uniform. He goes door to door to deliver the parcels. He always carries a leather bag. His works start in the morning. He collects the bundle of parcels and goes out for the delivery.

The work of a postman is very inspiring. He works very hard. The postman delivers the letters in the homes of the addresses or at their workplaces.

A postman holds the most important duty as a public servant. A post office is meaningless without a postman.