Essay on Pollution in English

Pollution is a gift to us of developing cities and towns with the growing development and progress of industries. Noise, water, soil and air pollution are the different kinds of pollutions. Smoke pollution and water pollution are caused by industrialization.

Smoke pollution is caused by the smoke emanating from industries, traffic and machines. Buses and other vehicles running on roads cause a great deal of smoke pollution. Rivers of India are mostly polluted by the water is thrown into it from industrial units.

It has become difficult to protect the atmosphere because of the pollution prevailing. Pollution has become the main factor causing many diseases like tuberculosis, diarrhoea, skin and lung problems, etc. The smoke of factories contains dust particles, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and many types of poisonous gases.

These gases are harmful for your body Noise pollution can affect our communication, our capacity for hearing and our health. If a person is exposed to loud noises for long periods, there may be significant and permanent loss of hearing.

Most investigations have shown that loud noises can create anxiety and stress and in extreme cases fright. Psychologists tell us that when the noise level goes up, work efficiency goes down. If we want to control the pollution we should try to plant more trees. It is high time that the government took some measures to control this ever-increasing menace