Essay on Apple

An Apple is a sweet fruit which is very good for health. It is said that “an apple a day keeps a doctor away”. It is juicy and a little crunchy.

Apples are of different colours from outside but from inside they are white in colour. They come in red, green, pink or yellow colour. They also have different sizes and shapes. Some Apples are big but some are small. Some Apples are heart-shaped and some are round in shape.

They grow in cold places and so they are found in hilly areas. In India, Apples from Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are very famous for their taste. An Apple tree has flowers which are pinkish-white in colour and have five petals.

Apple becomes mature and ready to be sold in markets in the early autumn season. It is sometimes eaten as snacks by people in the evening. It is also one of the best options for breakfast. It can be put into cereals and it can make any food healthier. Apple is used a lot in Bakery Shops. It is used to garnish cakes or pastries. It is used to make Apple-pie or Apple- pudding which is eaten as dessert all over the world. Its juice is also very popular among people.

Many companies sell apple juice in packed bottles. Its juice tastes different from the actual fruit and because it becomes less sweet. It is also used to make jams and jellies which are loved by children. Apple is healthy in every form. It is a great source of Iron and Calcium. It also contains Dietary Fibre.

An apple is a fruit which is tasty as well as healthy. Children can easily replace the junk food with this healthy option.