Essay on Holidays

All work and no play makes one dull,” so goes the saving Holidays are a must in our life. Holidays refresh our minds and give us relief. Oxford dictionary describes the holiday as a day of rest from work. But do we have rest?

Well, to some holiday means a change from the routine. Thus holidays are essential. Life becomes dull and dreary without them. The human body is like a machine. It wears down like a machine by constant and regular work.

A Machine needs rest, oiling and sometimes over-hauling so that it may work efficiently again, a human body needs rest to recoup its lost energy A tired mind requires rest to regain its sharpness and speed.

Every now and then our mind longs for leisure. It is the holidays that give us time to take care of our health and spirit. Continuous dull and routine work makes our spirits dull.

If a person works continuously without a break it will be injurious to his health and may cause a nervous breakdown. A short holiday, rightly used, will send us back to our work with renewed zest and vigor.

Holidays, spent in the company of nature, are most beneficial for both body and mind. It is also a period for different people to pursue different kinds of work, away from their routine.

Change and variety are essential in life So, we should spend holidays in a manner which brings enjoyment in life. The drab and wearisome feelings should be replaced with zest and zeal. Only then the purpose of holidays is served