Essay on Craze For Foreign Goods

We Indians are madly after everything foreign-dress, manners, food, education and what not. Indian music is considered to be inferior to ‘disco’ and ‘jazz’. The feminine shyness has been replaced by the blunt talks and staring looks of the ladies.

Speaking a foreign language has become a fashion. The young like to work as labourers in America instead of taking up a good job within their own country. To feed guests, we go to ‘mod’ restaurants where young boys and girls in jeans sway and scream around a “mike” while the band blues “rock music”.

The more discordant the music, the happier the guests are. The guests jump about on the dance floor, their hearts throb wildly, their bodies jerk excitedly to the clang and bang of “jet set music”. The imported crystal chandeliers and gilded furniture are some objects which decorate our houses and restaurants.

The restaurants must have a bewitching singer who may wear a skin-tight, strapless flashy gown or a provocative waistcoat or baggy harem trousers looking like a Persian prince or a ‘mod’ American.

Some celebrate the Chinese new year in Chinese style in a restaurant that has for its name the title of a song from an old Hollywood movie. The menu includes Chinese, Japanese, Iranian and Arabian delicacies.

People want hotels to organise Mexican, Swiss and French nights. The decorations, the music and even the chefs are imported. Craze for the foreign things is not in the larger interests of the country.

We become the slaves of foreign manners and foreign habits; we cannot be moulded according to the foreign culture. A craze for foreign goods will discourage our industrialists.