Complaint Letter Against a Senior for Bullying

26th August, 2022
The Principal,
Windsor Academy,
Bandra West, 
Mumbai- 400 050

Subject – Complaint against a senior student bully.

Respected Sir,

My son Yazish Irani studies in class 4A of your prestigious academy. Recently Yazish has been very quiet and disturbed. After much comforting, I found out that a senior student Aditya Rai has been bullying him.

Yazish is a very shy child and not athletic. Aditya and some of his other friends Jay and Yash have been troubling Yazish for his quiet nature and performance in sports. They bully him by throwing away his things and pushing him. This is taking a toll on my son and he makes excuses to skip school. He is merely 9 years old. It breaks my heart to see him like this, afraid. 

I urge you to take strict action against these students and make sure that no child has to go through bullying. I request you to make the school a safe space for the students to be themselves and accept and respect each other.

Thank You.

Yours faithfully,
Freya Irani
1405, Sapphire Apartments,
S.B Street,
Bandra West, 
Mumbai- 400 050