The Return of the Native Characters

Edgon Heath

The plot of the novel has been set in Edgon Heath. Novelist portraits Heath as a living thing having its own characters. Heath has an influence on its residents; whenever someone tries to talk against it, he/she suffers a tragic fate. e.g. Eustacia is attacked by a knife when she talks of leaving it and ultimately dies when she elopes with Wildeve.

Clym Yeobright

The protagonist of the novel. He is a successful merchant in Paris. However, his idea of improving Heath and marrying Eustacia proves disastrous for him.

Eustacia Vye

She can be called as the witch of the novel. First, she is in relation to Wildeve as there is no better person than him. However, taking Clym as an opportunity of escaping from Heath she marries him. However, when their marriage fails, she elopes with her lover and meets a tragic death.

Mrs Yeobright

Mother of Clym who hates Eustacia. Later she dies after being bitten by a snake.

Thomasin Yeobright

She is the cousin of Clym and a noble lady. Wildeve deceives her but she remains loyal to him. After the death of Wildeve, she marries Diggory who loved her a lot.

Damon Wildeve

He can be considered as the villain of the novel. He marries Thomasin but falls in love with his former beloved Eustacia and while eloping with her, dies a tragic death.

Diggory Venn

He is a riddleman who loves Thomasin and in spite of her rejection, he remains loyal to her and helps her in her problems. At the end of the novel, he succeeds in marrying Thomasin.

Other Characters

  • Captain Drew: He is the grandfather of Eustacia and a former naval officer.
  • Grandfer Cantle: Father of Christian Cantle
  • Susan Nunsuch: Eustacia’s nearest neighbour and bitterest foe who convinces herself that Eustacia’s witchery has caused her son’s sickliness and tries to protect him.
  • Johnny Nunsuch: Susan’s son, a young boy.
  • Charley: An admirer of Eustacia
  • Timothy Fairway