The Canterville Ghost Summary by Oscar Wilde

Chapter 1 “The Canterville Ghost” starts with the sale of an old British mansion called Canterville Chase to Horace B. Otis, an American minister. Though the prior owner, Lord Canterville, notifies Mr. Otis that the mansion is haunted, Mr. Otis is not feeling terrible and replies with bravery that ghosts do not exist even its … Read more

Character Analysis of Benjamin in Animal Farm

Introduction The novella, Animal Farm was penned down by British author George Orwell and published on August 17, 1945. In her book, British Literature and American Literature (1996), Leila Borges states that this novella portrays the events which led to and which occurred during the Stalin era before World War II. In the novella, the … Read more

Animal Farm Characters Analysis

Introduction Characters, the backbone of literary fiction, give voice to the narrative through their worth-reading and worth-remembering actions, deeds and dialogues. One of the major elements of a tragedy as described by Aristotle, the characters, in a literary piece, act as its founding pillars driving the plot forward and highlighting the major themes and motifs. … Read more