Negus by Kamau Brathwaite Summary

Introduction The poem Negus written by Kamau Brathwaite depicts struggle against the colonial language, literature, and culture. One finds that the poet is actually shouting in the poem (it it it, it is not, it is not, it is not, it is not enough). The shouting is a kind of revolt against the influence of colonialism … Read more

Summary of Ananse by Kamau Brathwaite

Introduction Ananse is a trickster spider (which often pranks and even takes human shapes) which is one of the primary characters in West African and Caribbean folklore. The poem has been divided into two parts. In the first part, Ananse thinks and memorizes the native culture of his country which once existed but has been … Read more

Rockpool Judith Wright Summary and Analysis

Introduction Rockpool is a 7-couplet Ghazal. It is an example of continuous Ghazal in which the ending of the first couplet runs into the beginning of the next couplet. This Ghazal has been taken from Wright’s collection of 12 Ghazals namely Shadow of Fire.  It gives voice to the personal experiences of the poet as a citizen … Read more

The Election by Sitakant Mahapatra Summary

Introduction Sitakant Mahapatra is an Oriya writer belonging to the post-colonial era. In his writing, he tries to go against the trend of romanticizing the past and instead focuses on the reality and the presence of movement. The reality in his works is not what we see or perceive with our eyes but the reality … Read more

Woman to Man by Judith Wright Summary

Introduction The poem Woman to Man written by Judith Wright describes the feelings of a woman from the time of sexual encounter with her husband until the time of labour. She expresses her feelings as a wife as well as the holder of her future offspring in her belly. Stanza 1 The eyeless labourer in the night,the … Read more

Background Casually Summary Nissim Ezekiel

Introduction The poem Background Casually written by Nissim Ezekiel tells about the struggle of the poet for identity in a country where he as well as his community (Jews) is considered to an alien. The poem has been divided into three sections. The first section deals with the childhood of the poet. The second section throws … Read more

Background, Casually Text by Nissim Ezekiel

A poet-rascal-clown was born,The frightened child who would not eatOr sleep, a boy of meager bone.He never learned to fly a kite,His borrowed top refused to spin. I went to Roman Catholic school,A mugging Jew among the wolves.They told me I had killed the Christ,That year I won the scripture prize.A Muslim sportsman boxed my … Read more

The Indian Serenade Summary by PB Shelley

Introduction  The poem The Indian Serenade or Song Written for an Indian Air or Lines to an Indian Air by P. B. Shelley is a romantic love verse. It is characterized by the personal feelings of the lover for his/her beloved. There is a contradiction regarding the gender of the lover. However, in the second stanza, … Read more

She Was a Phantom of Delight Analysis

Introduction The poem She Was a Phantom of Delight has been written by William Wordsworth for his wife Mary Hutchinson. The poem has been divided into three stanzas having 10 lines each. The first stanza describes the romantic phase of seeing his beloved. The second stanza describes Mary as his wife. The third stanza describes … Read more