A Legend of the Northland Summary by Phoebe Cary

The poem is criticism is the selfish and self-serving attitude of people who dismiss the weak and needy. They are so consumed in their greed that they rather ridicule the needy than help them.  Story in Northland The poetess begins by describing the place called Northland as cold and dry. The wintry nights are so … Read more

9 Poems About Spring Season

It is no secret that of all the four seasons, spring is a favourite for most. Find it inspirational as well? There are numerous reasons for that including the regrowth and rejuvenation that it brings to life. Flourishing leaves, blossoming flowers and the warm weather have proven to be a source of inspiration for numerous … Read more

Money Madness Summary by DH Lawrence

The poem Money Madness is a stinging exposition of the modern consumerist world that is based on material wealth and money. People today are so invested in the race to aggregate money that they are willing to sacrifice their morals and even sanity. The poet labels money and the greed for it as our own … Read more

Casabianca Summary by Felicia Dorothea Hemans

The poem Casabianca is an ode to the spirit and unflinching moral fortitude of a young boy named Casabianca. Faced with the worst odds and obstacles he fights bravely to his death. This 19th Century poem is based on a real event where a 12-year-old Casabianca withstood fire and desertion by his comrades to fight … Read more

The Laburnum Top Summary by Ted Hughes

Introduction The poem “The Laburnum Top” by Ted Hughes describes the mutual relation between a Laburnum Tree and a goldfinch. Both of them are yellow in colour (the tree is yellow because of its flowers) and quite beautiful in appearance. The Laburnum Tree is beautiful, large but quite silent and getting naked because of winter. … Read more

Dust of Snow Summary by Robert Frost

Introduction The 8 lines short poem Dust of Snow written by Robert Frost is about the poet’s optimism and his message to the readers about finding something positive in the negative things. The poem has been divided into two stanzas having 4 lines each. The rhyme scheme of the poem is ABAB. There is a … Read more

Rain on the Roof Summary by Coates Kinney

The poem appreciates the music of natural rain and the chastening effect it has on human emotions and imagination. The sounds and lyrics of rain are described in a rhythmic and alluring manner to help soothe and amuse the heart and mind. Poet in Cottage The poet is resting in his cottage room when he … Read more