Complaint Letter Against a Senior for Bullying

26th August, 2022The Principal,Windsor Academy,Bandra West, Mumbai- 400 050 Subject – Complaint against a senior student bully. Respected Sir, My son Yazish Irani studies in class 4A of your prestigious academy. Recently Yazish has been very quiet and disturbed. After much comforting, I found out that a senior student Aditya Rai has been bullying him. Yazish is … Read more

Application Letter to the Librarian to Issue Books

25th August, 2022The Principal,Windsor Academy,Bandra West, Mumbai- 400 050 Subject – Request to issue books from book bank. Respected Sir, I study in class 9-B of your esteemed institution. The following month I have my term examinations.  There are a few reference books I need to refer from, like Wren and Martin, Pride and Prejudice and The … Read more

Application letter to request fee exemption from Parent

22nd August, 2022The Principal,Queen’s School,11th Street, New Delhi, Delhi-110 021 Subject– Request for a fee exemption. Respected Madam, My daughter Sharmeen Kaur is a student in class 5B of your prestigious school. Recently I lost my job and we are struggling financially. Under these difficult circumstances, I am unable to pay the school fee. With all due respect, I … Read more

Application Letter for leave for brother’s wedding

20th August, 2022The Principal,St. Martin’s  School,Wadia Road,Mumbai- 400 002. Subject– Request for a leave for brother’s wedding. Respected Madam, My son Devansh Ahuja studies in class 9B of your prestigious school. It is his brother’s wedding on 1stSeptember.  The entire family will be gathered and the celebrations shall commence from 29th  August. I request for a leave from 29 to 2nd August for Devansh … Read more

Application Letter for Birthday Leave from Parent

 20th August, 2022The Principal,St. Martin’s  School,Wadia Road,Mumbai- 400 002. Subject– Request for a leave on birthday. Respected Madam, It is my daughter Sara Zaveri’s birthday on the 25th of August. Sara is very fond of princesses and desires to visit the amusement park on her special day.           She wishes to cut the cake with Elsa. She studies in 4C and this is her … Read more

Application Letter for Character Certificate

18th August, 2022The Principal,Sapphire  School,S.V Main Road,Hyderabad- 500 081. Subject– Request for character certificate. Respected Madam, I graduated from your prestigious institution in 2022. To enrol in the undergraduate course at St. Mary’s College, I require a character certificate. My admission number was 1736373826.  I kindly request you to furnish me with the same.  Thank You. Yours faithfully, Jay Ranawat1708, Hira Apartments,Grant … Read more

Application Letter for Improved Lavatories to Principal

18th August, 2022The Principal,Young Minds School,City Main Road,Sector 2,Hyderabad- 500 081. Subject– Request for improved and cleaner lavatories. Respected Sir, Permit me to introduce myself as the class monitor of 7B. I would like to bring to your attention the condition of the girls’ lavatory on the second floor.  The water taps constantly leak and cause a great mess on the floor. … Read more