Application for Transfer Certificate from One School to Another School

The Principal
Bright Land Public School
Opposite Bhavan palace
Jajoda Road
12 September 2019

Subject: Application for the issue of Transfer Certificate


With due respect, I, Virat Kohli, former student in your school, write this application to request you to grant me the Transfer-certificate. As I had already informed, my father, SP, Service Tax Department, has been transferred to Madurai and so we have to shift to another city. Now I will be taking admission nearby the place I will be shifting to.

Therefore, I request you to kindly permit me the certificate on September 19th as we will be moving to Madurai on the next day and it will be inconvenient to visit here in Allahabad again within a week. I shall be immensely obliged to you.

Yours obediently
Virat Kohli