Application Letter for Teaching Job in School

The Principal
Modern High School for Girls
78, Syed Amir Ali Ave,
18 July 2019

Subject: Applying for the post of teacher


I, Purnima Pal, write this application to apply for the available vacancy in your prestigious school. I have been an active student throughout my academic period and have been a certified NSS student for five years. I was honoured with the Director’s Medal on the convocation day of Under Graduation. I have always dreamt of being a teacher so that I can share knowledge and help the youth in attaining an all-round developed personality and enrich them with the attitude of changing the world for better.

I have attached my resume with the application. Although this will be my first experience at teaching, I promise to give my best and prove to be an advantage to this institution. I hope for a positive response.

Yours sincerely
Purnima Pal