An Application for Retaking the Missing Exams Due to Illness by Parents

The Principal
Holy Public School
Lohar Kulli,
11 October 2019

Subject: Application for a re-exam


I, Shashi Sinha, parent of Sonakshi Sinha, write this application to request you for a re-exam for my ward. As I had already informed before the commencement of the half-yearly exams, my ward was hospitalised two days before the scheduled date for exams as he suffered from Malaria. Although she managed to appear for last three exams, she missed the first two exams of Mathematics and English subject.

I request you to kindly allow her to appear for a re-exam on whenever it shall be convenient. I have already requested the subject teachers to form a new exam question paper. I have attached the medical certificate with the application. Madam, I shall be immensely obliged to you for the co-ordination.

Yours sincerely
Shashi Sinha