Application for Leave From Hostel to Go Home

The Warden
Panchami Girls Hostel
Kaveri Road, Shaheed Nagar,
12 August 2019

Subject: Requesting for three days leave


I, Sameera Reddy, am staying in room number 101 (double occupancy), in the hostel. With due respect, I request you to grant me three days leave. My sister-in-law gave birth to a baby boy (my nephew) yesterday and I wish to see him as soon as possible.

I will be going home (Agra) tomorrow on 14th August at 8 in the morning by flight and come back to hostel at around 5’o clock in the evening on August 16th.

I hope that you will approve my leave request. You may call any member in my family and confirm the genuineness of the reason that I mentioned or contact them through any other means.

Yours obediently
Sameera Reddy
M.A. English
University of Hyderabad