Application for Earned Leave from Office

The General Manager
Adysoft Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
Block 4, Sanjay Place
13 May 2017

Subject: Application for Earned Leave


I, Megha Akash, working as the Human Resource Manager in the company, write this application to inform you that I am planning to go to Middle East on holidays with my family for three months. I would like to avail the earned leave for 45 days which I am entitled to now since I did not make use of any for three years.

Kindly grant me a leave from June 1st to August 31st and let me know about the formalities that is to be completed. My team mate, Mrs. Anu Emmanuel will attend the meetings in my place. I have briefed her about the current status of my work.

Yours sincerely
Megha Akash
HR Manager