Application for Changing Optional Subject in Class 11

The Principal
Baha’i Senior Secondary School
Saramsa, Ranipur,
East Sikkim
2 August 2019

Subject: Application for change of subject


With due respect, I, Prachi Desai, student of class 11th A, Commerce with Mathematics, wants to state that I want to change my optional subject. I have attended the classes for one month now and I have also taken a class test in Maths. I am unable to understand my optional subject clearly in spite of practicing well and I also scored poorly in the test.

Therefore, I believe that the changing of Mathematics to Multimedia will be better for me. I do not want to waste any more time unnecessarily. I have gone through the syllabus for the preferred subject and I am sure I will excel in it. I shall be immensely obliged.

Yours sincerely
Prachi Desai
Class 11th A
Roll no 22