Application Letter for Bonafide Certificate from School

The Principal
Rani Laxmi Bai Public School
47, Cavalry Road,
Jhansi Cantt.
September 15th, 2012

Subject: Application for the issue of Bonafide Certificate


I, Chitrangada Singh, am a student of class 11th B in your school. I write this application to request you to issue my Bonafide Certificate before September 23rd, 2012. The reason why I am in need of the certificate within the time frame is that I have enrolled myself in the Akash Institute for weekend classes for IIT entrance preparation and its admission form requires certain original documents to be attached along with it.

Therefore, kindly provide the certificate before the mentioned date as I do not want to miss any class because of the absence of any document. I shall be immensely obliged to you.

Yours sincerely
Chitrangada Singh 
Class-11th B
Roll no. 24