A Visit to Cambridge Summary by Firdaus Kanga

Story of a Handicapped

The story is about the writer who is handicapped but did not let it become a disability. He wrote and worked as a journalist and travelled across the globe. He met new people and witnessed different cultures without feeling despondent about his natural inabilities or incapacity. He not only lived a full life but inspired others around him as well.

Visit to Cambridge University

On one such visit to England, he planned to have a tour of Cambridge University. The chair of its Physics department was Steven Hawking, the famous astrophysicist. The same position was once filled by Sir Isaac Newton himself.

Hawking suffered from physical disabilities and could only speak with the help of a machine. However, he did not let this stifle his journey to brilliance. He became one of the premier scientists of the world and authored one of the best-selling books ever, named ‘A Brief History of Time’.

At Hawking’s House

Once the writer had arranged an interview, he went to Hawking’s house. He was startled at the sight of his machine supported the body but composed himself to ask his questions. The first few questions were dismissed by Hawking as they sounded patronizing.

Hawking acknowledged that he did not appreciate when people patronized him. When asked about being brave, he replied that he had no other option but to accept his condition and it had nothing to do with courage.

He also added that disability helps people to find kindness within themselves and that disable people should not expect sympathy from others but rather learn to be kind themselves.

Hawking’s Advices

At last, Hawking had few words of advice to people living with a disability. He encouraged them to find their true talents and work on harnessing them. However, they should not be overly ambitious and should acknowledge their limitations.

They should disregard all the negativity and sadness and focus on the brighter side. Finally, the writer had his dream interview. He was given a grand tour of the house and adjoining garden. His visit was inspirational and successful. To him, Hawking was not just a brilliant man of science but a beautiful soul as well.

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