A Triumph of Surgery Summary by James Herriot 


The story is about the problems of comfortable living or cushioned living. Often, parents pamper their child so much that they lose the drive of adventure and become too comfortable and overly protected. This not only causes underdevelopment of personality but always has a negative physical and psychological impact. 

Mrs Pumphery & Tricki

In this story, Mrs Pumphery is a loving person. She has a dog name Tricki. She is obsessed with the dog’s every possible comfort. She feeds him everything from milk powder to cream puffs. The dog does not move around at all and keeps eating all day.

Tricki always loves to drink alcohol and lie comfortably in its place all day long. Obviously, this lifestyle brings a lot of trouble for Tricki. He becomes lethargic and bored. He also starts puking and getting sick. Mrs Pumphrey gets worried and carries home to a veterinarian named James.

The vet immediately guesses Tricki’s problems. He asks Mrs Pumphrey to admit him under the vet care for a couple of weeks. Even though she is heartbroken at the thought of such separation, she acknowledges the advice and agrees to it. James carries the dog in his car to his facility/vet care.

Problems for Pumphrey

Tricki’s absence creates a big vacuum in the Pumphrey household. Not only his mistress but her servants also cry for the dog. On the other hand, at James’s place, Tricki is introduced to new dogs. His diet is completely changed and he is given lots of water to drink but no wine.

Surprisingly, the vet does not give him any medicine. In a few days, there is a remarkable change in Tricki’s physical attributes. He mingles with other canines and loves playing with them. He becomes active and energetic. The new and clean diet and an active lifestyle make him healthy again.

Tricki is Recovered

Mrs Pumphrey asks James for an update on her dog and he informs her about his recovery. She guesses the dog must have been operated upon and as a gesture of goodwill sends a lot of sugary food and alcohol for the dog.

However, James knows better than Mrs Pumphrey to feed to Tricki again. He uses food and alcohol for his own consumption. In a few days time, Mrs Pumphrey comes to take her dog back home. She is anxious about his recovery.

But all her worries evaporate as soon as she walks in the door and Tricki jumps at her affectionately. Overwhelmed with joy, she calls it a medical miracle and surgical triumph.

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