A Letter To Friend About A Birthday Party You Recently Attended In English



Hai Joey,

First of all, congratulation. I am so happy about your success. Hope you and everybody at home are in good health. 

Last month, I went to attend a birthday party along with my mom. It was her friend’s daughter’s birthday party. The party started by evening 7 ‘o’ clock. I felt bored and lonely as I don’t know anybody there. As I was sitting in a corner, having the birthday cake, a boy came in front of me asked whether I remembers him? I looked at the boy and got confused. Suddenly it cracked me that it was our old friend from lower school, Ayush. Do you remember Ayush? He was in our class and we used to play and have our lunch together. He changed the school as his mother got a job transfer and he is here for a vacation. He asked about you and how you are doing. He wishes to have a get together with us next week before he leaves. Will you be free next week? I will be waiting for your reply. Bye and Take care

Your friend,