A Dog Named Duke Summary by William D. Ellis

The story is about the relationship between animals and human beings. It celebrates the bond of compassion and trust that exist between a man, Chuck Hooper and his loyal dog, Duke. 

Hopper – A Successful Salesman

Hooper is a successful salesman and a loving husband. He and his wife Marcy were really excited to add a dog to their household. They finally bring a Doberman and name him Chuck. The three live a quite cosy life in harmony. All seems promising for the Hoopers.

An Accident

But soon tragedy strikes as Hooper suffers a car accident. He is hospitalized and eventually loses his ability to move or walk. This crushes Hooper and throws the whole family in troubled and difficult times.

The wife has to work hard as Hooper’s is unable to do anything and Duke is sent to a domestic care house. Hooper falls into a depression lying motionless in his wheelchair all day.

To kill his boredom, Duke returns. But this does not cheer Hooper who is still devastated by his circumstances. He does not recover any movement even after hours of physical therapy

A Miracle Happens.

However, another miracle happens and it is for the better this time around. One day Chuck throws a leash on Duke and encourages him to move. Once Duke strolls ahead Duke moves a few steps too, aided by the pull.

This brings a new sense of optimism for the whole family. Hooper, his wife and Duke begin anew and joint effort to restoring their home. Chuck improves gradually and with the help of Duke, he can walk with little limitation. 

Things Get Normal

Soon Hooper is able to visit his office and return to work. In a few months, he is promoted and moved to a new place. The new neighbours are startled to see Hooper being dragged by his dog but they do not know the entire back-story so Hooper does not mind. However, another accident occurs and this time Duke does not make it.

Hooper mourns his loss but dedicated his sadness into his work and soon gets another promotion. While accepting his accolades he remembers his old pal Duke and thanks to him for his generosity, loyalty and faith.

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