5 Minute Speech on Poverty in the Philippines in English for Students

Poverty is a problem that is faced greatly by the Philippians. As we read about the causes of it,  there are plenty of problems that are faced by the general public like bad governance, corruption, poor job opportunities and many more. The population growth is also increasing to a great extent which is causing severe problems in society and pressure on the government. With COVID-19, the problems of poverty increased greatly to an even higher rate. Based on the study records done in the country, we come to know that during the year 2019/more than half of the country’s population suffered from food security although this problem is slowly being tackled by the government, it hasn’t been tackled. There are still many people who are living a hard life battling poverty. Lots of people and children are living on the streets struggling to make ends meet. Poverty has made people’s mindsets raw. This is the cause of not being educated. It is altering a person’s mindset and making them cause all the problems of theft and even murder. This is the harsh reality of the philippians on the darker end.