5 Minute Speech on Hygiene in English for Students

Hygiene is the quality of being clean in all works of life. It is very important to maintain hygiene where we go. Being hygienic prevents sicknesses, diseases, and various illnesses. The quality of being hygienic also promotes the influence on others. People who are clean, are seen to be more respected and looked up to. Falling ill is a part of life but a hygienic person is able to heal faster than that of an unhygienic person. There is more growth, more confidence, and more development when there is hygiene. A person needs to maintain hygiene not just in himself or herself but in the palace where he/she resides and even when he/she is out. A hygienic person’s behaviors say a lot about the daily background of one. Scientifically proven, a person who maintains cleanliness is seen to be a person of higher self-esteem. It is very important to teach hygiene to children in school and at home. We can do so with friends and colleagues as well. Some people are naturally ignorant of this and through conversations we can teach and educate the people on his matter. This should always stand as a reminder for everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle. We can create posters and stickers are paste them around the wall or even post them on social media which is a very popular advertisement platform for everyone.