5 Minute Speech on Humour in English for Students

Humour is the quality of being funny. This is a unique characteristic of a person that is loved by many people. A person with humor is able to get quite a lot of attention. It keeps people happy. Humour can come in many forms, like when having a conversation while giving a speech, or even in writing. Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde are the two most popular writers known for their humor in their write-ups. In the world of today, comedians are one of the top paying jobs. Comedians need to have a lot of humor in them. In a world that is filled with very busy schedules that could be extremely stressful, people take their time out to go and attend the show of the comedians. People know the importance of humor in one’s life. Laughter stimulates organs. It is scientifically proven that a person should laugh once in a while to avoid the troubles of life and stress. Laughing helps the lungs and the heart and even helps the process of breathing. Overworking is very common in today’s world. With that, it brings the rise of various health problems. One of the most important health problems is stress. Stress deducts a life. We only see a slight bit of change in the world of today where people see the importance of laughter and humor. When we have humor in our lives, it boosts the immune system, improves the quality of life, is good for health, and most importantly it makes relationships stronger with others. Humor is in itself very important for one to live longer and lead a healthy life.