5 Minute Speech on Humanity in English for Students

With the world of today with so much drastic change, it is sad to say that humanity is losing. The quality of being human is being degraded with time. This is a scary matter. I believe that ety has a strong impact when it comes to this affair. Some qualities of humanity are kindness, respect, truthfulness, loyalty and many others. These are qualities that are no longer seen. Humans today are becoming more or less like wild animals. There are more killings. Brutal killings and murder all over the world. Child rapists and rapists in general have also creased greatly. The world is becoming a very scary place. Everyone is becoming more selfish and self-centred which brings rise to various acts like corruption, stealing and lying which are becoming a way of life so normal for people. Humanity is there in the world but it’s rare. We shouldn’t lose this but rather promote love and selfless acts. We should continue to live with one another and not be selfish. There are so many things that we can do on our little parts and that will make massive change even if it’s small. Every change starts from a small act. Therefore, the change can start from you, from your actions and your mindset. This will influence many others. We should learn and teach children about this and put more emphasis on this. We must sacrifice and put our time into educating ourselves, our friends and especially our children because our children are the leaders of the future.