5 Minute Speech in Human Rights in English for Students

Human rights began around the year of 539 BC. It is very important to know and have knowledge about these rights. In knowing these rights, we protect ourselves and others. In India, it only began in the year 1943. This began back in the years with the main goal in mind to never be unjustly denied life. Humans are born to live. And there was a time when only the rich lived and the rest were completely tied. Their life was rich and this was very unjust. With the coming of these rights which are growing stronger, it has altered the lives of all humans. People have the freedom to speak their opinions. And this has opened doors to many things in life that people, in general, are blinded from seeing. On the tenth of December, every year we celebrate universal human day rights. These rights are taught in schools to children and even to adults. This is a subject that is very important worldwide.  People are still struggling with varied problems in life.  On this day everyone is reminded of their rights. Schools and colleges take an active role in reminding everyone of these rights bestowed to everyone.