5 Minute Speech on Air Pollution in English for Students

Air pollution is a serious problem in today’s world. It has been a serious problem even back in the years, however, with time the situation became even more serious. The problem of pollution is not only a problem for one country but for the whole world. The emissions from vehicles, the smoke from factories and industries, and the root cause of air pollution. The area with more vehicles faces more problems regarding air pollution. In India, Delhi is regarded as the most polluted city in the country. One will realize that in Delhi, the view of everything is somewhat very foggy and unclear, this is the cause of the smog. Air pollution brings rise to varied types of illnesses and sicknesses like asthma, stroke, respiratory infections, etc. it is also not safe to stay in places where the air is polluted. There are various programs and actions taken to reduce air pollution however there is only little or no progress at all, especially in a world where the economy is dependent on vehicles and industries. It is vital for everyone to know the weightage of the consequences of air pollution. In fact, I think it is very clear as we witness the most polluted cities in the world. It is very important for kids to have clear knowledge of this matter. The majority of the schools colleges and other institutions are taking the initiative to implement ways and share their knowledge to reduce air pollution. Putting up posters on walls and on social media can really aid in sharing knowledge on this matter. One should try and take public transport more often than private transport. This way the number of cars will decrease greatly, which will effectively aid in decreasing air pollution. People in all countries should try and give importance to the use of bicycles like the Netherlands which have a good reputation for the number of cyclists. Despite all the problems caused by air pollution and the struggle to control the number of cars and factories, we also see that people are trying their best to implement and teach others how to reduce air pollution. Varied countries are working tirelessly on building more trees to help in reducing air pollution.

All in all, we should all work together in trying to build together a safer environment for everyone.