3 Minute Speech on Indian Constitution in English for Students

Good morning everyone, today I am going to share my views on the topic, “Indian Constitution”. 

A Constitution is a set of rules and regulations guiding the administration of a country. It is the backbone of every democratic and secular fabric of the nation. The Constitution of India is the longest Constitution in the world, which describes the framework for political principles, procedures and powers of the government. It is known to be the supreme document that gives a detailed account of what the citizens of India can and cannot do.

On 26th January 1950, the Constitution of India came into effect. The constitution of India has been amended over 94 times in the last 60 years of India’s Independence. I would like to conclude by saying that the essence of the Constitution is what makes India one of the strongest nations in the world. Without such a robust constitution, India would slip into a fascist and an authoritarian regime. 

Thank you.