3 Minute Speech on Freedom Fighters in English for Students

Good morning everyone. Today I am going to share my views on the topic “Freedom fighters”.

Freedom fighters were people who sacrificed their lives selflessly for the freedom of their country. Every country has its fair share of freedom fighters. People look up to them in terms of patriotism and love for one’s country. They are considered the epitome of patriotic people.

Mahatma Gandhi also known as the Father of the Nation was one of the greatest freedom fighters and one of the key driving forces behind the independence of India.

Mangal Pandey is also known as the first freedom fighter of India. He is recognized as the forerunner of India’s first battle for independence.

Because of the freedom fighters who fought for Indian independence, we celebrate Independence Day on August 15 every year.

Some freedom fighters became famous, while others stayed unknown, but they all achieved freedom for us, and as a result, they are still alive even after death. For the freedom fighters, today’s free India was a dream come true. Their life’s ambition was to live in a free India, which we now have.

Thank you.