3 Minute Speech On Actions Speak Louder Than Words In English

Good morning one and all. Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, it is my pleasure and privilege to stand before you today. I am honored to have this opportunity to speak to such a distinguished audience.

Today on this occasion, I would like to share a few words on the significance of taking action and the very commonly spoken idiom, “ actions speak louder than words”. Actions are more significant and tell more about a person’s character and intentions than words, according to the adage “actions speak louder than words.” It implies that despite what they may say, people’s genuine ideas, values, and intentions are revealed by their deeds rather than their words. 

In other words, it’s not enough for someone to simply pledge to do something; it’s crucial that they follow through on their commitments. While it is cheap and simple to speak words, it takes work, commitment, and time to do action. The whole idea revolves around the notion that although words are assuring, actions are entrusting. One could say something and gain confidence but if the pledge is not fulfilled it will lead to distrust and the person will be called a deceiver. 

For instance, even if someone claims to care about the environment, if they don’t recycle or try to lower their carbon footprint, their words and actions will not match. A person’s actions, however, show how seriously they take environmental issues if they actively recycle, take part in beach clean-ups, and drive electric vehicles. Instead of just saying they care about the environment, this person’s actions demonstrate their concern. 

This idea holds true not just for people but also for businesses and governments. They may pledge to make changes, but only their deeds will show whether they are sincere in their intentions.

More often than not, the core cause of deception is false promises. Words could be a mere web of lies but actions are what define true intentions. 

Have you ever wondered what would have occurred had the talks of revolutions and freedom been only talks? Words might ignite and unite the masses but it is only when the leaders came together and immersed in struggle and revolt for freedom, truly sacrificed themselves for the nation, that the public awoke and revolted in true sense and thus independence was attained. 

Therefore, acting to bring about change is necessary rather than just talking about it. Be the change we want to see in the world by setting an excellent example.As the saying goes, “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”