2 Speech On Clean India Green India In English

All of us picture a clean India. Many of us also use foreign nations as examples of places that are clean, and we contrast our nation’s problems with those countries’ cities. The issue is that most individuals only talk about keeping their surroundings clean; they don’t actually do anything about it. How many of you believe you have helped to maintain the cleanliness of your state or nation?

Good morning, respected teachers and my dear friends. Amit Abraham is right when he says, “Clean your mind and our country will automatically get dry cleaned.” Today on this occasion I am going to speak on the topic ‘Clean India Green India’. A developed country is characterized by its cleanliness and natural beauty. India is not pro-cleanliness, as seen by the status of its lakes, rivers, towns, colonies, hill stations, and public transportation.

P.M. Narendra Modi launched the Swach Bharat Abhiyan, an initiative aimed at making India clean and green.

India’s primary reason for not being clean and environmentally friendly is its disregard for its people. They use plastics and thermocol frequently and throw trash anywhere. In India, several rivers, including Ganga, are heavily polluted in the name of religion.

Cleaning might start in one’s own home. One should promote and maintain clean neighborhoods. The government needs to regulate the industries that produce dangerous gases. We should protect nature’s beauty by planting more trees to create more greenery. In a similar manner, we should cooperate to make India a truly developed nation and create a greener, healthier environment for the next generation. Thank you.