2 Minute Speech On Unity Is Strength In English

Good morning to everyone in this room. I would like to thank the principal, the teachers, and my dear friends for allowing me to speak to you today about unity is strength. The unity is shown by our nation’s freedom fighters when they fought and revolted against the British to win independence.

The Battle of Saragarhi in 1897, where 21 Sikh warriors heroically battled against the Afghans and gave their lives in defense of their nation, served as an example of this unity. As seen by the bravery of the 21 Sikh warriors who bravely battled for the nation in 1897, this revolution serves as an illustration of the positive effects that unity may have.

In foreign communities where individuals can relate to one another and have a history of common experiences, there is unity. It’s a general phrase that may refer to religious harmony as well as family harmony, student harmony, classroom harmony, and student unity.

It is advantageous for the family since they can support one another through life’s ups and downs and speak up for their rights when one is subjected to discrimination or mistreatment. Nowadays, however, there is less harmony among the populace and they are adamant about eclipsing one another in the name of religion, race, and caste, which has resulted in several conflicts and wars.

We must not be misled by the political perspective that is being presented as the worldview. Let’s resist dividing viewpoints and demonstrate to the world that power comes from togetherness. By putting aside our prejudices and serving as the bearers of unity, we may achieve this. Thank you.