2 Minute Speech On The Indian Army In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on the Indian army. One of the best militaries in the world is the Indian army. The Indian army’s primary objectives are to maintain national security and racial harmony. In addition to defending Indian borders from internal and foreign dangers, our army also fights for international peace and security.

In addition to conducting humanitarian relief missions during natural disasters and other disturbances, such as Operation Surya Hope, it also engages in war and the fight against terrorism. Along with the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force, it plays a significant role in the nation’s might. The Indian army has also engaged in one war with China and four major conflicts with Pakistan, a neighbor. Operation Vijay, Operation Meghdoot, and Operation Cactus are a few of the army’s other noteworthy endeavors.

With independence, the Indian army was born. The Indian Army participated in both World Wars 1 and 2. Over 80% of the Indian Army’s active defense soldiers are organized into seven geographically and operationally distinct commands.

With 960,000 reserve soldiers and active soldiers, our army is currently the second-largest standing army in the world. The F-INSAS infantry modernization program is handled by the army. For its armored, artillery, and aviation departments, the Indian army is also modernizing and obtaining new equipment.

Every soldier is a real patriot who is always willing to give his life for his country. Our military is absolutely necessary for the defense and safety of our country. We must understand the anguish of the tremendous sacrifice made every day by our Indian Army to preserve the unity and safety of our nation and its citizens. Thank you.