2 Minute Speech On India In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on India. India, the seventh-largest nation in the world, is well known for its extensive cultural legacy. On January 26, India commemorated its 70 years of democracy. It firmly adheres to its motto, “Unity in Diversity,” and boasts the biggest constitution in the world.

In this nation, you may find individuals who practice different religions coexisting together. It takes satisfaction in honoring and commemorating the rites and holidays of all the major world faiths, including Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, and Hinduism. India, which has been independent for 73 years as of August 15, 1947, upholds secularism and accords all of its residents with the same rights. Since 2017, Ram Nath Kovind has served as India’s president, while Narendra Modi is the nation’s fourteenth prime minister.

India, a growing nation, is now making strides in the fields of technology, science, sports, and the economy. In addition to having the second-highest population in the world, our nation ranks fifth in the economy and seventh in industry. India has 29 states, with Delhi serving as the nation’s capital. As a result, India is a popular tourist destination due to its different cultures, a large variety of foods, and festivals.

Last but not least, as a citizen of our nation, I would want to express how very proud I am of India. I hope to spread the notion that everyone should cherish, respect, and uphold their own nation’s diverse cultures through my speech on India. We must uphold the honor of our nation. Thank you.