2 Minute Speech On The Importance Of The Environment In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on the importance of the environment. Since millions of years ago, nature has given us everything we need for a better living, ranging from stunning scenery, waterfalls, and forests to clothing, food, light, air, and furniture. Ecology supports our ability to cultivate crops and vegetables. Our garbage was absorbed and turned into compost for use in agriculture. The environment has benefited humans in a number of ways, and they continue to use nature for their own purposes.

People have been worried about their health, their living situations, numerous diseases, pandemics, famines, accidents, and vector-borne illnesses over the years. Farming and domesticating animals led to the emergence of new infectious diseases among humans, posing new difficulties in improving health.

For humans as well as other living things, the environment is important. All human endeavors and health are harmed by it. Modern technology has made living more comfortable for people. However, these interventions lead to a variety of pollution, which renders the environment hazardous and inappropriate for a healthy life. Different diseases develop that frequently become contagious and cause considerable panic among people. Therefore, it is imperative that each and every citizen of the planet start using environmentally friendly items on a daily basis. Better environmental changes can be achieved by using less electricity, batteries, and plastic products and by properly recycling them. It is our duty to preserve the beauty of the Earth for the next generations. Thank you.