2 Minute Speech On The Importance Of Media In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on the importance of media. The media is a tool that is important to people’s lives all over the world. There are various media formats, and they all work together to achieve their basic goal, which is open communication. People in society are educated with the aid of the media. This is so that educational messages that will help individuals spread to a large audience can be heard.

The media also provides information. It informs individuals about a variety of events taking place in and around them. By doing this, ignorance among people is decreased. The media also contributes to giving public opinion more weight, which is another advantage. Through numerous media platforms, the general people can express their opinions on a variety of topics.

The public is also protected in part by the media. This is accomplished by raising people’s knowledge of numerous events taking place nearby. Additionally helpful in advancing and upholding democracy is the media. This is because they keep an eye out for any instances of public injustice and raise awareness of it.

The media also serves as a social watchdog. They can recognize, denounce, and mobilize people against a variety of immoral activities taking place in society. If used properly, the media is a tool that offers a wide range of advantages. To ensure that the media continues to be a voice of the people, various media outlets should, however, make sure that they prioritize the needs of the general public over their own. Thank you.