2 Minute Speech On The Importance Of Freedom In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on the importance of freedom. The ability for each person to make choices about their own lives, subject to some constraints, is referred to as freedom. While we have a lot of options at our disposal, we must also be careful not to infringe on others’ freedoms. The right of people to express their views and beliefs lies at the heart of disputes between civilizations.

Freedom is the state of being able to speak, act, and pursue happiness without unneeded external restraints. Freedom is important because it promotes original thought and creative expression, higher productivity, and a high standard of living in general.

Each generation needs to rethink and reaffirm the difficult concept of freedom. Furthermore, only people who have a strong sense of history and a profound comprehension of human nature can truly comprehend and value freedom. People who enjoy freedom all too frequently fail to recognize its fragility and take it for granted. On the other hand, those who have not grown up in a culture that has a long history of valuing freedom find it difficult to comprehend and apply it to their community. 

Absolute freedom does not exist, particularly inside centralized political structures like towns and nations. The rights of the individual and the objectives and duties of the state must always be compromised for freedom to exist. As a result, there are numerous laws, rules, and legal rulings about the principles of freedom and the specifics of how they are to be used. Thank you.