2 Minute Speech On The Ethics And Values In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on ethics and values. Live each day with a positive outlook and in accordance with your most cherished principles. You’ll have a lot to live for in every moment, says Ralph Marston. Unfortunately, as time goes on, the fabric of morality and ethics becomes less strong.  Moral principles can give your life direction and purpose. You have the power to guide your conduct toward positive and satisfying endeavors. You can build strong relationships with other people when you live your life in accordance with moral principles that are founded on honesty, compassion, courage, modesty, and forgiveness.

You become trustworthy when you live your life according to the moral principle of honesty. Because you can respect yourself, you’ll feel good about yourself. You can advance in both your personal and professional life thanks to your ethics. Being honest opens up more opportunities for you to completely experience life. Everyone admires a man who has higher morals and ideals. Success in every industry requires individuals who aspire to it to have high moral standards. One thing unites all great men throughout history. Their moral principles serve as a pillar.

In conclusion, teachers and parents can play a crucial role in explaining to young children the importance of a sound moral value system. Values certainly suffer when pleasure takes priority. Low academic grades, addiction to bad habits, and failures are indicators of poor moral values which will further have serious repercussions on mental and physical health. Thank you.