2 Minute Speech On Natural Disaster In English

Good morning to everyone in this room. I would like to thank the principal, the teachers, and my dear friends for allowing me to speak to you today about the natural disaster. An environmental occurrence that has the potential to do significant harm is referred to as a natural disaster.

Natural disasters and human activity both contribute to these events. Although they may not be catastrophic, they may be quite serious and disruptive, inflicting extensive harm to people’s lives and property. They could even have an impact on other nations throughout the world. They might touch all areas of a nation or region.

Natural disasters are defined as any calamity caused by natural sources. Floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions are all examples of natural disasters. These catastrophes occur all around the world, yet they have varied effects on various individuals.

Some people are more or less impacted by them than others, depending on their perspective. Natural catastrophes were once thought to be a bad thing. However, these occurrences are increasingly becoming more frequent. Many of them are the result of human-made events, such as climate change or human activity.

A natural calamity that has been occurring more regularly recently is flooding. It results from an abrupt rise in the volume of water in the seas. The potential for natural calamities on earth shouldn’t make us terrified. Hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes are nothing to be alarmed about.

Natural calamities like this will always occur, therefore we shouldn’t be concerned. However, their effect on our life and possessions should worry us. To lessen the devastation of these natural disasters, we need to consider strategies to mitigate them. Thank you.