2 Minute Speech on Music and Culture in English

Hello and good morning to our honorable principal, respected teachers, and my dear friends. We all want to listen to, watch, and participate in “Music and Culture,” therefore that is what I want to talk about today.

Scientifically, a rhythmic note progression and movement that appeals to our inner self is called music. One of the arts is music. Musicians have a magical talent for making people feel alive and as though they are floating in the heavens.

Culture is made up of a civilization’s inhabitants’ modes of living. It consists of a community’s ideas, practices, traditions, and moral and ethical standards. Culture is the way a person interacts with their family and other people at various social gatherings and events.

Without a respectable civilization, we would be merely animals or cavemen.

One of God’s greatest gifts is music, which is how most people spend their free time. All of the rhythmic sounds can be classified into a system through the study of music.

Life without music is not worth having, it is like an insipid bitter drink. There are numerous music schools worldwide. African, Asian, Western, and more In India, music is regarded as a spiritual discipline with rigid compositional guidelines. Music can be instrumental or vocal. There are numerous instruments that produce distinctive music.

Cultural performances may include elocution, debating, elocution with instruments, dance, painting, drama, creative writing, and other performing arts. A civilization’s culture serves as a barometer for its level of social and intellectual development and maturity. 

We like to think that we have a strong culture. Don’t we? So let’s preserve and advance our culture and music. Thank you.