2 Minute Speech On Media And Networking In English

Good morning to everyone in this room. I would like to thank the principal, the teachers, and my dear friends for allowing me to speak to you today about media and networking. People learn, share, and discuss news and information via the media. Newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and most recently the internet on computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices are all forms of media.

While some individuals are anxious to complete their weekly magazines, the majority of people start their days with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. The goal of networking is to synchronize status and information updates with one another. Information on accomplishments, the start, development, or end of an activity, as well as criticism or praise of one another’s or another party’s actions, may be included.

In the past, networking was challenging for people. To meet in person, people had to travel from place to place. Social networking and media have altered people’s lives. When they get congratulations and messages on their birthday or wedding anniversary, people are thrilled.

Big individuals occasionally worry about media and networking because of the possibility of their crimes and schemes being revealed. Thus, the interests of people are served and protected through media and networking. Despite the drawbacks, media, and networking today play a crucial role on a global scale. They have gotten to be such an unmanageable size.

Excellent communication skills, talent, the capacity to respond swiftly and deliver, a pleasant disposition, and the resolve to meet obstacles are requirements for the position. When used properly, media and networking play a crucial role in the growth of both the individual and the nation. Thank you.