2 Minute Speech On Mahatma Gandhi In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on Mahatma Gandhi. He was born on October 2nd to the Putlibai and Karamchand families in Porbandar, Gujarat. He went to school in Rajkot after Porbandar. He wed Kasturba at the age of thirteen. He graduated from law school in London and was admitted to the bar in 1891. He went to South Africa to practice law a few years later. His encounters with racism and mistreatment, while he was living in South Africa, transformed him into a brave and resilient individual who fought against injustice.

Gandhiji carried out the salt satyagraha through the Dandi March, which was a crucial turning point in Indian history because it included disobeying British rules. A Quit India Movement was then started with the motto “Do or Die” in order to put an end to British rule once and for all. To drive them away and incite a wave of patriotism among the populace, he carried out many fasts.

His non-violence and satyagraha philosophies continue to be a powerful influence in people’s lives. He wrote several books, including Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule, The Story of My Experiments with Truth, Key to Health, and others. He was a straightforward man wearing a dhoti who loved to read and write.

He was named Man of the Year by Time Magazine in 1930. According to many historians, he had the guts to use ethics and intelligence to bring down the entire British Empire. Being the change you want to see is still a wise maxim in today’s world. He left behind a significant legacy of ahimsa and selflessness to overcome issues. Thank you.